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Requesting an Expert

To help us in locating the right consultant for you, please tell us:


  • The type of expertise you need and any special qualifications and experience you would like the expert to have. Describe the ideal expert and we will find that person.

  • The identity of the opposing expert.

  • The conflicts information (all parties, their counsel and any insurances companies). If your matter is litigation-related, a copy of the service list and complaint will be helpful. We require all our experts to complete conflict checks before we refer them. Lexpert has the right to provide referral services to such other entities as Lexpert may determine in its discretion but we will not provide referral services to opposing counsel in the same matter.

  • When and where you need the expert. If you have a designation date or trial or hearing schedule, tell us so we can assure the availability of a candidate.

  • A copy of the pleadings or statement of claims if the matter is in litigation or arbitration. We do our best work when we have a thorough understanding of the issues you want the expert to address.

  • Budgetary constraints so we know whether you want a nationally known or local expert.

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