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Lexpert Research Services finds experts and consultants for lawyers all over the world.  Founded by Susan Wittenberg Liebeler, Lexpert specializes in locating university professors and other experts to serve as consultants, medical experts and expert witnesses. Whether you need an expert for litigation, arbitration, administrative proceedings or a consultant for advice and analysis in due diligence investigations, acquisitions or other consulting projects, Lexpert can help.

After you contact Lexpert, we will perform a customized search and screen prospective candidates. We will discuss the case with a candidate, determine his or her availability and suitability, and have the candidate complete a conflict check. Our recommendation will include a summary of the candidate's background and experience, a statement of the candidate's billing rates, retainer requirements, availability, a resume and, when appropriate, a summary of recent testimony.

We will arrange for an initial screening interview, usually by telephone. If you decide to hire a consultant we refer, Lexpert will send you a retainer agreement and monthly invoices. The work to be performed and the time necessary to complete the work are matters to be agreed upon by the consultant and customer.